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5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Pure Water | CUCKOO-QNET – Knight RO

One of the most crucial and necessary elements for human life is water. Water present in our cells makes up over 70% of the human body. All bodily fluids, including blood, lymph, saliva, digestive enzymes, urine, and others, are derived from pure drinking water. In other words, water is a key regulator of all bodily processes.

It is the primary means of delivering energy to the body’s cells. Since the brain is 80 per cent water, extreme dehydration can impair one’s ability to think rationally in the long run. As a result, the human body needs at least 6 to 8 glasses of pure water per day to function effectively. Drinking water early in the morning and 30 minutes before a meal is highly recommended.

There are several advantages of consuming pure water, especially if you do it first thing in the morning. Regular consumption of pure water throughout the day can boost your metabolism, eliminate toxins, and enable hydration. Before we learn about the surprising benefits of drinking pure water, let’s understand the risks associated with drinking contaminated or impure water.

Risks Associated with Drinking Contaminated Water

Cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio are just a few illnesses that can spread due to contaminated water and poor sanitation. Even in regular households, people are exposed to health risks when water and sanitation services are absent.

Every home needs a steady supply of clean drinking water.

Millions of people still do not have access to clean drinking water. As a result, they end up suffering from the health-threatening consequences of contaminated water. That being said, here are the 5 surprising benefits of drinking pure water every day –

5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Pure Water every day

Enhance Your Physical Performance

A young athlete lifting weight

Even though drinking water frequently may seem straightforward, it affects almost every element of sports performance. Staying hydrated can help increase energy, enhance movement, recovery, and agility, improve thermoregulation, and promote mental activity and clarity. Thus, it can enhance physical performance and lower the risk of bodily harm caused by injuries.

It’s crucial to stay hydrated when exercising, regardless of whether you’re a dedicated athlete or just a health-conscious person. Before, during, and after exercise, one should drink the recommended amount of pure water to stay hydrated.

Water regulates your body temperature and also lubricates your joints. It helps your body assimilate the nutrients that give you energy and maintain your health. Your body cannot function at its best if you are dehydrated. Dizziness, cramping in your muscles, fatigue, and other severe symptoms could occur if you stay dehydrated or consume impure water.

Relieve the Signs of Constipation

Drinking enough fluids each day is an easy strategy to relieve chronic constipation. Drinking plenty of water can help overcome the uncomfortable symptoms and effects of constipation. Drinking pure water regularly keeps your intestines healthy and flexible. It facilitates the smooth motion of food through the digestive tract.

One of the most common causes of chronic constipation is dehydration. During digestion, your stomach passes the food to the large intestine, also known as the colon. During this stage, the large intestine absorbs water from your dietary waste if your body doesn’t already have enough of it. So, if you have difficult-to-pass, firm stools, they could be a result of dehydration.

Since dehydration in the colon is linked to constipation, ensure you drink plenty of purified water. This will soften your stool and make it easily passable, relieving the symptoms of constipation.

Assists in Weight Loss

A measuring tape around the waist of a mid-age woman

Much research supports the idea that drinking water helps your weight loss journey. Additionally, hydration is important for several processes contributing to weight reduction, such as digestion and muscle activity.

The brain receives signals from the stomach telling it to stop eating once it is satisfied. By helping to fill up the stomach, water can help people eat less and feel fuller for longer. Often, we may mistake thirst for hunger. To avoid mindless snacking, try drinking a glass of water before reaching for food.

Lipolysis is the term used to describe the breakdown of fat. In the first stage of this procedure, hydrolysis, glycerol and fatty acids are produced from the interaction of water molecules with triglycerides (fats). Burning off stored fat in the body and fat from food and drink requires an adequate amount of water in the body.

Great for Kidney Function

Staying hydrated aids kidney function and allows body waste in your blood to be eliminated through urine. Additionally, drinking water keeps your blood vessels wide open, allowing blood to reach your kidneys and freely carry vital nutrients to them. But this delivery system has a harder time functioning if you stay dehydrated or drink contaminated water.

Even mild dehydration can make you exhausted and interfere with your body’s natural processes. When you work or exercise hard, especially in hot and humid weather, it’s crucial to consume enough fluids to avoid severe dehydration, which can cause kidney damage. Frequent and evenly distributed consumption of pure water throughout the day can be great for an individual’s kidney function.

Improves Digestion

A girl enjoying the luxury of eating her favorite food items

Water aids digestion and enables the body to absorb nutrients and other liquids, stomach fluids, and enzymes. Drinking water softens the stool without interfering with digestion or diluting stomach acids.

Drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated are undoubtedly beneficial for digestion. A combination of fibre and water consumption works great. Fibre from food absorbs water, making stools bulkier and allowing them to move more quickly and easily.

Experience Pure Water Everyday with CUCKOO-QNET Knight – Alkaline RO Water Purifier by QNET

A kid drinking pure water featuring KNIGHT Alkaline RO

With the World’s First In Out Sterilization mechanism, the CUCKOO-QNET Knight – Alkaline RO water purifier offers you many health benefits daily!

The cutting-edge filtering technology provides pure drinking water without eliminating important minerals. Knight – Alkaline RO is ideal even for the areas where water has a TDS level greater than 500 ppm.

CUCKOO-QNET – Knight RO water purifier is powered by Korea’s No.1 consumer durable company, Cuckoo. The water purifier reliably eliminates heavy metals, bacteria, and dangerous waterborne microbes. Its advanced RO Membrane ensures 99. 9% water purification on a regular basis. To offer healthier and tastier alkaline water, the Mineraliser filter also adds minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

CUCKOO-QNET – Knight RO is equipped with unique and best-in-class features that include:

  1. Extra Faucet (Optional) for kitchen & Daily Care
  2. Filter Replacement Alarm
  3. Zero Water Wastage
  4. Patented Nano Positive Filtration
  5. UV LED Sterilisation for 100% Hygiene
  6. Patented In & Out Sterilization technology
  7. Water Level Indicator
  8. Flexible Installation – Table-top and Wall Mount
  9. Faucet Sterilization for 100% Hygiene
  10. Detachable Faucet and Tray for Easy Cleaning

The patented “In and Out” technology promises internal sterilization with in-tank UV radiation. Along with that, external sterilization is carried out for 100% hygiene with the ease of detachable faucets and a water tray.

Additionally, washing fruits and vegetables is also an option with external sterilization. In other words, the water collected from the outlet pipe is safe to be used in the kitchen for washing your favourite fruits and veggies.

Bring home the privilege of drinking pure water with Knight–Alkaline RO. Safeguard your family against life-threatening waterborne bacteria and viruses while strengthening their health with the benefits of contaminant-free water. CUCKOO-QNET – Knight RO water purifier is available on the QNET India eStore!

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