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5 Reasons Women Win at Network Marketing

Have you noticed how many women are involved in direct selling businesses? The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) estimates that approximately 80% of direct sellers worldwide are women. Historically, direct selling was considered a popular choice for many homemakers and stay-at-home moms who sold make-up and cookware at home parties to their friends.

However, over the last decade or so, the number of career women who gave up full-time jobs to run successful direct selling businesses and are travelling far and wide to grow their business, has grown phenomenally.

We spoke to some of the top female distributors at QNET and put together a list of five reasons why so many women are in direct selling and why they excel in it.

1. Terrific Multi-Tasking Skills

Women are generally known to be better at multi-tasking than men. This is a great quality and an important strength to have in network marketing as you have to be very versatile and wear many different hats to run a direct selling business.

2. Great Socialisers

Direct selling and network marketing are very much about people and relationships. You need to be social to make it work for you. Most women love to be sociable, make new friends and juggle social calendars. These are great skills to have in network marketing.

3. Natural Nurturers

You must have heard of the mothering instinct. Although there is no scientific evidence that women have a biological in-built natural nurturing instinct, in general, women to tend to have a more friendly, welcoming and nurturing approach to making people feel comfortable and at ease in their company. If you are a man, just look at your own mother, sister, aunt or other female friends and you will find this to be true in most cases.

This is very beneficial in network marketing as women can build, nurture and grow a successful, strong and happy team.

4. Non-Intimidating

Most women try to become friends first and build a relationship before they approach prospects with the products or the business. This may take longer, but it is one that works as they have built trust and established some trespass.

5. The Right Kind of Motivation

If you have ever been self-employed in any business, you know that motivation is everything. In direct selling, one of the best forms of self-employment you simply cannot expect to grow and succeed without a strong ‘WHY’.

Read more about the importance of WHY in Network Marketing here.

For some of the women we spoke to, their motivation included these:

  • Not wanting to go back into a full-time job after becoming mothers, in order to take care of babies/young children.
  • Traditional homemakers wanting an independent source of income.
  • Women in busy corporate careers feeling burnt out and wanting more family time without losing their independence

The beauty of a direct selling business is it is as flexible as you want it to be and as part-time as you want it to be and still manage to earn a decent monthly income.

If you are a woman passionate about your QNet business, let us know in the comments what your reasons are.

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