Saturday, September 30, 2023

5 Reasons Network Marketing is Not For You

So many people get into network marketing, without fully understanding the business. If you are considering a career in network marketing, you need to first understand if this is the right career path for you. For many, it’s a great business opportunity and they love it. For others, it’s just not the right business.

This can be a fun and profitable profession, but it is also a tough business.  If you are on the fence about this, we give you the top five reasons to not get into it!

1.You don’t want to work hard.   

dont want to work hard

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires hard work, commitment and a single minded focus on your goal. Network marketing is serious business. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite simple, but you have to hustle! 
Just like any new business that you may start, you will be faced with challenges, failure, and long hours. As the saying goes in this business – You work 70-hour weeks so that you no longer have to work 40 hour weeks!

If that sounds like too much work, then network marketing is not for you.

2.You want something that will make you a millionaire overnight.

overnight millionaire

Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. We cannot emphasise this enough. Building this business takes time, consistency, hard work and patience. If you have these four things then you have the potential to unlock a significant income source and a rewarding career. If someone tries to tell you any different, they have no idea what network marketing is and you should walk away, immediately.

3. You have more excuses than a 2 year old at meal times.  

making excuses

If you think you are too busy or don’t have a big enough network of acquaintances you can approach, or don’t have the money, etc. you are probably not a good fit for this business.  The people who are successful in network marketing today started their journey because they didn’t have enough time or money and wanted a solution to create a better life for themselves.  So it’s up to you, you can have excuses or you can take a leap of faith.

4. You are not willing to give some things up.  

comfort zone

When you decide to actively participate in a network marketing business, it is not something that you just sign up for and hope for the best. Building a network marketing business requires you to give up certain old beliefs in order to embrace a new opportunity. You have to learn to give up self-limiting beliefs and embrace a new attitude and new mindset. You have to learn to give up your ego, and learn from the masters in this business. You have to give up your comfortable office cubicle and turn your dining room into your office. You have to give up your comfort zone and step into unchartered waters.

In the beginning, you are going to feel like you are working twice as hard for little or no result. It’s really going to suck and you are probably going to want to throw in the towel once or twice. It’s not easy, but as any of the top income earners of this industry will tell you – It’s worth it!

5. You don’t believe in the product, the company, the industry and yourself.  


Let’s illustrate this point with the analogy of a car. The car needs 4 tyres in order to move forward. If one of those tyres is flat, you won’t go anywhere.  Similarly, if you want to succeed in the network marketing business, you need to love the product you are selling, believe in the company you are representing, and have faith in your abilities, and the power of this industry to change your life in a positive way. Even if one of these is missing, you won’t get very far.

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