Saturday, September 30, 2023

4 Cardinal Rules for Building Your Network Marketing Business

Rule #1 – Don’t Talk Too Much

Too much emotion and too many words will confuse the person listening to you and even likely overwhelm them. Now, that is a surefire way to lose a sale. Write down the key messages you want to convey to a prospect. Then practice what you want to say based on those key messages. Put together a script if necessary and time yourself.

The important thing is to keep it short, informative and compelling. Pique their interest. Set the stage for your prospect to ask you questions. If you talk too much, and your prospect can’t even get a word in edgeways, you have already lost your audience.

Rule #2 – Show It, Don’t Tell It

Have you heard of the phrase ‘Product of your product’? If you have experienced the benefits of a product, you are living proof that it works. You become the biggest walking, talking advertisement for that product. You are then your best sales tool!

If you can demonstrate your products or your opportunity, you stand a better chance of convincing a prospect of its benefits. The less you say and the more you show, the more your prospects will be impressed.

Rule #3 – Keep it Simple

Sometimes, when you have been part of a system for too long its easy to forget that some of the terminologies and phrases you use in your daily life may not be understood by others. If you are trying to explain the business of QNet to a prospect and are throwing out words like compensation plan, UV, BV, and RSP (words that you are super familiar with), you will be faced with blank faces and a group of confused people who probably think this is too complicated.

In talking with your prospects, you need to speak at a language level they can easily understand. This doesn’t mean you need to dumb things down, but you also don’t want to scare people away by giving them the impression that this business is too hard to understand.

Instead, make yourself real to your prospects. Help them envision doing the same as you do with others. That way they can see their pathway to their success. Present your opportunity in the easiest manner so your prospects can see that your road can be duplicated easily.

Rule #4 – Never Lie about Your Business

As you sit down to meet your prospect and start talking to them and they ask you if what you are offering them is a network marketing opportunity, don’t be afraid to admit it. What is wrong with being a network marketer? It is the most accessible form of entrepreneurship available today. How is what you are doing, different from what a traditional entrepreneur is doing? Both of you are aiming to have a fulfilling career path, a better lifestyle, and a pathway to success. The only difference is that you chose to pursue entrepreneurship through an unconventional business. So, why you get so scared to say yes?

You know you are afraid when you are being defensive and you try to explain even if it is not necessary. Your prospects can sense your anxiety and when you are not confident, they will feel that it is not right and will turn you down. Have faith that you are in the right business, do not exaggerate or mislead people with unsubstantiated claims, and speak with confidence. Your authenticity is what people will relate to.

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