Sunday, October 1, 2023

3 Ways to Manage Diabetes With What You Eat

For people with diabetes, good nutrition is medicine in its own right. Their blood-glucose level is directly affected by the sugars and starches they consume and must be monitored rigorously. As a result, meals have to be planned strategically with the right mix of nutrients and at the right times.

Today, we give you some additional ideas for managing diabetes through your diet.

1. Increase your intake of Soluble Fibre

fibrefitIf you have diabetes or are concerned about developing it in the future, soluble fibre is your ally. At nearly every step of the digestive process, fibre helps reduce the speed at which your body metabolises carbohydrates into glucose. This is helpful because you don’t want glucose to suddenly flood into your bloodstream; you want it to trickle in slowly and steadily. Foods that are rich in soluble fibre include legumes, oats, avocados, sweet potatoes and oranges.

If you’re not used to eating much fibre you can try QNet’s Nutriplus Fibrefit, an all natural Ayurvedic formulation extracted from the Acacia Arabica Tree. Increase your fibre intake gradually and drink extra water to prevent gas, cramps and bloating.

2. Drink plenty of water

drink waterFluids are essential for those who live with diabetes sufferers, as they are at a higher risk of dehydration since when blood-glucose levels are high the kidneys try to clear out extra sugar via urination. Avoid sweet beverages or sports drinks, however healthy they claim to be, as it will cause your blood sugar to spike. Stick to pure, refreshing water!

3. Slash your sodium intake

eat less saltDiabetes also comes with an elevated risk of stroke and heart disease. To help compensate, it’s useful to reduce your sodium intake. A lot of today’s modern diet includes processed food, which is full of salt. We strongly recommend that you eat fresh food whenever you can. When you are shopping at the supermarket, look for low-sodium or salt-free products.

You can also try QNet’s new Nutriplus Nature Diabahealth a 100% natural product formulated with a combination of different herb and plant extracts that have been proven in Ayurveda to be effective in blood sugar management.

The good thing is that diabetes is a lifestyle disease and can be managed by making adjustments to your lifestyle. Planning meals for diabetics boils down to eating in a sensible way that would make just about anyone feel their best.

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